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RELX HK 悅刻香港

Relx悅刻於2017年在中國創建,至今致力於研發、設計和推廣消費級電子加熱煙。Relx悅刻為了令廣大的吸煙人士擁有別緻的新選擇,以及更健康、更愉悦、不打擾的生活方式,投入了大量的精力和資金進行研發,用盡心血提升吸食電子煙的體驗,希望令大家能夠感受到與吸食傳統香煙無異的感覺,甚至有過之而無不及的relx vape!
Relx's enthusiasm is highly recognized by the market. It has received capital injection from Sequoia Capital, IDG, and Source Capital. It currently has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, China, and its customer base is located in Europe, America, and Asia. Opened offices in the US, Europe, and Australia to further expand market operations.
Relx Hong Kong Agent
As a financial center in the Asia-Pacific region, Rex is extremely concerned about the promotion of Hong Kong's heated tobacco to better promote the electronic cigarette culture. Our Shop is Authentic agent not only Relx products but also other brands of Relx compatible products from all over the worlds. Like China, TaiWan, Japan, Malaysia, USA and Euro

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