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Pinko Pod(Relx Classic Compatible): 5 boxes $550(Discount Code: PinkoBuy5), 10 boxes $1080(Discount Code: PinkoBuy10), 20 boxes $2000(Discount Code: PinkoBuy20), 30 boxes $2940(Discount Code: PinkoBuy30), 50 boxes $4800(Discount Code: PinkoBuy50)

Zgar Pod(Relx Infinity and Phantom Compatible): Buy 5 Packs=$550(Discount Code: ZgarPodBuy5), Buy 10 Packs=$1080(Discount Code: ZgarPodBuy10), Buy 20 Packs=$2000(Discount Code: ZgarPodBuy20)

Gippro GP6 Buy 5 packs +150$, Buy 10 packs get 1 free device, the device is random color. After making order, please tell customer services in WhatsApp: (+852) 70747874.

All Relx Classic, Relx Infinity, Relx Phantom Pods and Compatible Pods also dropped to the freezing Price. and you can also use the combo discount below:

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