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Relx Classic Pod system-VapeHongKong
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Relx Classic Pods (3 pods each package)(Multiple Flavours)
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Relx Classic Pods (3 pods each package)(Multiple Flavours)

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Lana Transparent Light-Up Pod (Relx Classic Compatible)(Multiple Flavors)(Pod X 3)
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Lana Light-Up Pod Premiun Edition (Relx Classic Compatible)(Multiple Flavors)(Pod X 3)
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Japan Fuji Vape transparent Pod (Compatible with Relx Classic)(pack of 3)(Multiple Flavours)
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First choice for beginners: RELX relx 1 generation

RELX 1 generation relx 1 generation RELX classic VapeFrugality really depends on the person. If you are very pursuing excellent product functions, or pursuing high-end design, or have requirements for the production materials of the host, the cost of the host will naturally increase. For those who are new to relx classic, RELX 1 is definitely our sincere recommendation of relx classic.

why would you say so? In fact, the first generation of Relx in the entire brand is positioned as a product specially designed for novices, so whether it is in terms of function or price, Relx generation 1 is very suitable for the needs of novices who are new to this type of product. A more comprehensive and good user experience can be obtained. Just from this thoughtful brand research and development policy, you can know how much pains the brand has put into the RELX generation console! So if you want to feel the charm of brand products, RELX is definitely your best starting point.

Relx 1 generation has more color choices

Although, Relx 1 is expensive and targeted at novice users, but don’t think it’s cutting corners in production! The Relx 1 generation also uses the newly developed FEELM honeycomb ceramic atomization technology and the film heating patch to drive the atomization of the e-liquid. The taste of smoking will definitely not be inferior to other series of hosts!

The Relx 1st generation host has a special color that other brands may not be able to copy. For example, the color of the device: starry sky gray, rose gold, classic black, deep sea blue, power red, robin egg blue, golden night shadow, golden powder twilight , blue nebula, dazzling purple star sea. There will also be some new special colors like pure gold and so on. It takes 50-60 minutes to charge the RELX 1 main unit, the battery capacity is 350 mAh, and the charging interface is a USB cable.

RELX Classic, the 1st generation Authentic Products and Other Brands of Compatible pods and devices can be find here.

About RELX Generation – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the requirements for the Relx 1st generation standard specification power supply?

Output voltage: 5V plus or minus 5%

Output current: 0.5A (ordinary computer standard)

Basically all USB devices are compatible with this voltage (including mobile phones)

Electric power: 6W It is recommended that you use the standard data cable in the atomizer, and the charging head uses an ordinary Samsung charging cable

Q2. Will there be a reminder if the RELX 1 host is out of power?

Will do. Moreover, when the RELX 1 is charging, there will be a charging reminder. When the atomizer is in use, the indicator light flashes 10 times, which is to remind the Relx 1 generation host that the remaining power is less than 10%, and the charging time is 40 to 60. Minutes until the indicator light goes out, it means it is fully charged. Also, RELX’s first-generation electronic cigarettes are still a magical treasure for quitting stinky traditional cigarettes. After refusing to smoke, there is a stinky smell, and it is more convenient and convenient than traditional cigarettes.

Q3. Can RELX I use a fast charger?

It is not recommended to charge the Relx Gen 1 with a fast charger. Long-term use of the fast charger may shorten the service life of the battery, so it is not recommended to use the fast charger to charge the host.

Q4. Is it impolite to use Relx 1 as a gift?

Personally, I don't think it's rude, becauserelxRELX’s first-generation mainframe has more colors to choose from. For example, if you give it to a man, it is recommended to choose classic black, starry sky gray or golden night shadow. If it is for girls, you can choose rose gold, strength red, gold powder twilight or special limited gold letter grade, which is more lively and young girls. Another option is that the color of Xuan Zi Xinghai is very beautiful with a gradient.

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