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Zgar 5th generation cover- Zgar PCC ceramic crystal craft electronic cigarette 5th generation host and Zgar FIT+ electronic cigarette host (big smoke) (Hong Kong brand) (Relx 4, 5th generation universal)
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MSML MARSHMALLOW Pod From USA (Relx Infinity & Phantom Series Compatible)(Pod x 3)
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Veex Transparant Pod (Relx Infinity & Relx Phantom Compatible) (Pods of 3)
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Relx Phantom Relx Phantom 5 generation is fashion

December 8, 2021RELXnew launchVapeThe atomizer product Relx Phantom, relx 5th generation. This is another new product of RELX after the release of RELX Infinity in January this year.

relx 5 generationThe unique 4-grid scale power light design on the body can display the remaining power and charging progress at any time, so as to alleviate the user's anxiety about unknown power. At the same time, technological breakthroughs have been achieved in charging speed, battery capacity, oil leakage prevention technology, and material technology.

It is known that asRelxAnother milestone in R&D innovation,Relx PhantomA number of patent applications including the labyrinth airway have been laid out.

According to Chen Chen, chief product officer of RELX, in the early stage of new product development, RELX systematically formulates strategies to improve experience pain points based on user experience data. In the design and development process alone, the product team has completed 51 design verifications and consumed more than 15,000 atomizing cartridges for reliability and taste testing.

Relx PhantomA 4-grid LED scale power indicator is designed on the fuselage. When the user inhales or inserts the atomizer into the phantom atomizer rod, the power lights will light up one by one, and the tidal dynamic effect shows the remaining power of the product. When the product is charging, the battery light can also let the user intuitively understand the charging status and how long it will take to charge at a glance.

This innovative design comes from long-term user insight: how long can the product last? Will it run out of power when you want to use it? Do you need to bring a charging cable when you go out today? How long will it take to fully charge when charging? ... These troubles are common in the daily use of electronic atomizer users and have not been resolved.

relx phantom relx 5th generation RELX phantom

The original design intention of the tidal power lamp is to focus on solving the user's "unknown power anxiety". Chen Chen introduced: "In the survey of users, it was found that 77.6% users did not know the remaining power when they went out, and nearly 50% users encountered a sudden power outage, and said they were 'annoying'. And 'knowing the remaining power' in The number one feature that users want added.”

With the addition of functions, how to create the optimal solution for the interaction effect of electric light for users? If the lighting effect is too fast, it will imply rush and anxiety, and if it is too slow, it will give people a psychological feeling of lack of motivation and insensitive response.

In this detail that many people are not easy to perceive, the product design team has gone through 23 rounds of software version iteration and optimization based on the human breathing rate of 3 seconds/time in the knowledge of bionics, and in line with the smoking habits of RELX users. The battery light pulses at a frequency of 1.4 seconds/round. Smooth and comfortable tidal lighting effect, letRELX 5 generationBoth in use and charging are full of sense of technology.

Innovate ten upgrades to comprehensively enhance product strength

Not only solve the "unknown power anxiety",Relx PhantomThere have been improvements and upgrades in ten performance aspects including oil leakage prevention, suction experience, product safety, service life, and product feel, and the product strength has been comprehensively improved.

In terms of oil leakage prevention, the Phantom atomizer follows the labyrinth airway developed by RELX. The 11-layer labyrinth structure blocks condensate, ventilates and isolates oil, and further independently isolates and finely controls the gas exchange and air pressure compensation modules in the atomizer. After undergoing brutal negative pressure and thermal shock tests, the oil leakage prevention ability is 40% higher than that of RELX's first-generation products.

The phantom atomizing bomb adopts an upgraded version of the labyrinth airway, with an 11-layer labyrinth structure, and the ability to prevent oil leakage is greatly improved.

In addition to "visible" innovations, RELX Phantom has also upgraded targeted solutions for many "invisible" experiences. For example, the lamp port of the tidal power lamp is sealed with UV glue, so that the electrostatically adsorbed dust cannot enter the fuselage, reducing the impact on the working environment of components and improving the service life of the atomizing rod.

"The product's 'easy to use' will increase the stickiness of users, and good things will never come back after using them." Chen Chen said, "RELX's innovation is precise and sincere, and we will dig out the essence behind the pain points of users, which is difficult to detect. Struggling with these problems, even with tiny 1%."

The research and development of the atomizing bombs of the RELX Phantom series continues the extremely high requirements of the RELX comprehensive quality supervision system: by introducing the fingerprint identification method in the biomedical field, the fingerprint similarity of each batch of atomized liquid produced reaches 99% At the same time, RELX has increased the monitoring accuracy of heavy metals, nitrosamines and other impurities in the atomized liquid to one part per billion.

"RELX's R&D and innovation system for flavors has developed to the 2.0 stage." Jiang Xingtao, director of RELX e-liquid research and development, said: "Before the Phantom atomizer is officially launched, it has gone through taste adaptation, quality adaptation, and atomization liquid standard safety. Testing, atomized gas safety testing, and quantitative assessment of compliance risks are five checkpoints. Passing five checkpoints and cutting six checkpoints is to achieve the trinity of experience, quality, and safety."

Since RELX was founded in 2018, it has applied for more than 400 patents worldwide, of which invention patents account for more than 54%. The RELX R&D team has grown from a few people to nearly a hundred people. The R&D modules have covered temperature control technology, electronic applications, new materials, atomization calculation and simulation, life science and atomization liquid technology, etc., which can guarantee the different product lines of RELX The implementation of product innovation and quality improvement.

Chen Chen said that RELX has laid out 4 product lines according to the scale of user demand for electronic atomizers, and RELX Phantom is the first iterative product of the 4 major product lines. In addition, RELX has laid out intellectual property protection for this product, and has applied for a patent specifically for the product interface characteristics, covering the space, distance, contact position, and air inlet and outlet area ratio of the atomizer bomb & atomizer rod assembly, etc. Effectively prevent infringements such as counterfeiting and knock-offs.

Relx 5th generation product Relx Phantom Relx 5th generation RELX phantom host and pods, redesigned, the latest circulation of smoke channels, so that you have a better smoking experience, closer to real smoke. Guaranteed to be genuine.
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