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Yooz HK authorized agent

Yooz HK is the agent of Yooz Vape e-cigarette market, authentic products, all pods have authentic laser label QR code certification, and provide official maintenance services. YOOZ grapefruit brand was established in January 2019[3-4], the core team comes from Apple, Tesla, Dell, Uber, and major Internet and consumer product companies[3] are committed to creating a better lifestyle for smokers around the world through technology. In September 2021, the national electronic atomization strength list will be released, and YOOZ grapefruit will stand firmly in the first echelon.

YOOZ brand story

YOOZ is committed to empowering adult smokers through technology and ethical design.
YOOZ's vision is to provide you with advanced electronic cigarettes and next-generation electronic cigarette equipment.
We use the most modern production techniques and provide you with innovative equipment. YOOZ's products are divided into two series, Devices and Pods.
Our products also combine sleek modern design with cutting-edge technology to provide you with a user-friendly experience.


Acknowledging problems and creating solutions that do less harm to our customers and the world we share is in YOOZ's DNA. We make vaping devices that make quitting smoking easier and safer. The materials we source meet the quality and safety requirements used in the production of baby pacifiers.


We are not designed to entrap, but to empower. We work to improve the lives of smokers who struggle to quit combustible cigarettes and design products that enable them to switch to harm reduction products.


Creating the best products and experiences and setting the bar higher for others involves investing money not just in solving problems, but in people and R&D programs to find the best solutions in science, technology and design.


Rewriting the rules of traditional smoking by delivering the ultimate experience to improve the lives of many. We use the power of technology and design in a human way to deliver the best product and customer experience possible.