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Introduce our e-cigarette store—Hong Kongelectronic cigarettesspecialty store, we have had for many yearselectronic cigarettesSales experience, in line with the concept of small and fine, we have been focusing on a market segment, only doelectronic cigarettesSales, quality and word of mouth are all the best brands, such asRelx Series, Gippro, Juul, etc. We have a good understanding of the industry, and our customers are 100% positive. This is also the driving force for us to continue to develop firmly. The concept of e-cigarette products in our store has always been to make customers "happy to use and safe to buy".

Relx SeriesRELX Hong Kongelectronic cigarettesand pods

Relx RELX was founded in January 2018. The main business includes research and development, design, manufacture and sales of electronic cigarette vaporizer products. With core technologies and capabilities covering the entire industry chain, RELX is committed to providing users with high-quality and safe products. Since the brand was founded, its products have been sold all over the world. The company will be listed on the main board of the New York Stock Exchange in 2022, stock code:Relx PLC Sponsored ADR. The market also fully proves the safety and quality of the brand.

Relx 1 generation electronic cigarettes

The relx 1st generation e-cigarette is the product with the highest sales volume and the widest popularity of RELX e-cigarettes. From the official pricing, the 1st generation is also the most economical and affordable. It is always right to buy it for beginners. The traffic of the first generation is huge, and many brands have released universal ammunition suitable for the first generation, which undoubtedly gives the users of the first generation more choices.

Relx Series 4th generation - 5th generation electronic cigarettes

The relx 4th generation infinity electronic cigarette is another explosive product after the 1st generation of RELX. The atomizing core of the 4th generation of relx is fully upgraded. At present, only the 1st generation of relx is designed for the traditional atomizing core, and the relx 2345 generation product is atomized The cores are all upgraded, their atomization is more delicate and soft, and the recovery degree is higher, so the concentration is also higher, which is suitable for the veterans of electronic cigarettes who pursue the taste.

The relx 5th generation e-cigarette is based on the 4th generation, and the design of the device is fully upgraded. The power display function allows customers to better grasp the use time when using it. Both the relx 5th and 4th generation pods can use the same pods. With the product update and iteration, RELX 4th and 5th generation products will become the mainstream, and there are more general flavors to choose from in the world.


The well-known American brand e-cigarette has a high degree of taste reduction, but it is very difficult to buy in Hong Kong, and the price is relatively expensive. Foreigners who come to Hong Kong like it very much.


Gippro Dragon Dance is a well-known Japanese brand. This e-cigarette brand has been rooted in Hong Kong for many years, but due to the brand’s strategy, it only produces disposable e-cigarettes in recent years. You can’t miss the Japanese-level workmanship and materials.


The founder is from Hong Kong, and he understands the tastes and needs of Hong Kong people better. In recent years, he has developed a number of products, ranging from general RELX 1 to RELX 5 e-cigarettes, and then disposable e-cigarettes, which can be said to have covered the market.electronic cigarettesIn the sales market, customers who like cool flavors can choose the polar bear series, and customers who like fruity flavors can choose the zgar series.

Disposable Vape

Disposable e-cigarettes are one of the most popular e-cigarettes nowadays. The capacity of disposable e-cigarettes determines how many puffs you can smoke. Usually, e-cigarettes below 1000 puffs do not need to be charged and can be thrown away after smoking. More than 1000 puffs It can be recharged, and there is no need to disassemble and install the pod like the closed pod-changing electronic cigarette, and there is no trouble of oil leakage, which is very convenient.

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Relx Series 2022/23

Relx Series

Our Relx Products are genuine. Support any authenticity verification. Our staff may help you 7/24 when you have problems when using .

Relx Series 2022/23

Relx Series

we sellRelx SeriesRELX suits are all genuine products from the original factory, providing local one-year warranty, and dedicated personnel to answer your questions about use.

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