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About JVE

JVE, we have never defined ourselves as an e-cigarette brand. We just want to provide enthusiasts with new choices that are healthier, more comfortable and more comfortable, and use the latest technology to create electronic atomizer products that meet market needs and design aesthetics. As a heavy user of electronic cigarettes, we have set up an industry-leading R&D team with full of love; in order to experience a good taste, we will go alone on countless questioned roads, and constantly try to modify; in order to pursue human-machine aesthetics, we are designing Reconstruction and subversion on the road again and again. The pursuit of excellence at all costs may be meaningless in the eyes of others. BUT WHY NOT, JUST LOVE!
As a group incubation project, JVE non-me has resources in product development, production, channel sales and capital expansion. It has established strategic partnership with Shenzhen Guoke Rockchip Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huajia Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Jinshi Technology Co., Ltd. The founding team consists of Midea Group executives, 4A company advertisers, electronic atomizer experts, and Internet head product managers. As an electronic atomizer user, serve consumers from a consumer perspective.


Long-lasting battery life: 450mAh large power, using a new upgraded battery design, customized special charging module, integrated high voltage, high current, charging high temperature protection, to ensure safe and stable fast charging.

Process upgrades: multiple extreme oxidation processes, CNC edge trimming process, unique LOGO light design, five-layer leak-proof technology blessing, more free to play "fog" escort.

Core technology: JVE has introduced dual-contact encryption chip technology to create anti-counterfeiting electronic atomization products with invention patent protection barriers in the industry, which can prevent counterfeit and shoddy products from working properly, thereby avoiding harm to human health.

Diversified flavors: There are currently a total of 23 flavors, fruit flavor, tea flavor, classic original flavor, milk tea flavor, each flavor has restored the essential flavor, and more flavors are being upgraded one after another~

Very cost-effective: the price lowers the threshold for the public, a more affordable price, and a better experience.