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About JVE JVE , we have never defined ourselves as an e-cigarette brand. We just want to provide enthusiasts with new choices that are healthier, more comfortable and more comfortable, and use the latest technology to create electronic atomizer products that meet market needs and design aesthetics. As a heavy user of e-cigarettes, we have built an industry-leading R&D team with full enthusiasm; in order to experience a good impression, we will be willful on countless questioned roads and constantly try to modify; in order to pursue human-machine aesthetics, we are designing Reconstruct and subvert again and again on the road. Keep improving at any cost may be meaningless in the eyes of others. BUT WHY NOT, JUST LOVE!
As a group incubation project, JVE Fei has resources in product development, production, channel sales and capital expansion. It has established strategic partnerships with Shenzhen Guoke Ruixin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huajia Biological Technology Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Jinshi Technology Co., Ltd. The founding team members are composed of Midea Group executives, 4A company advertisers, electronic atomizer experts, and Internet head product managers. As a user of electronic atomizers, serve consumers from the perspective of consumers.