Translation ready

Full RTL support

Lazy load effect

Boxed or full-width layout

Tons of color options

Multiple header style

Newsletter popup

Ajax mini-cart

MailChimp newsletter popup

Newsletter popup

Customer login/register


Compare products

Ajax mini cart

Autocomplete search

Left or center-align logo

MegaMenu builder

Vertical MegaMenu

Sticky header

Footer menu

Advanced swatches

Product quick view

Product labels

Collection list

Configurable sidebar. Left, right, popup

Display sale %

Countdown timer

Shopify reviews app



Announcement bar
Cart icon options
Currency converter
Customer login
Dropdown menu builder
Interactive mini cart
Logo options
Mega menu
Phone number
Predictive Search
Social icons
Sticky header
Top bar/top menu
Layout #1

Layout #2 (demo)
Layout #3 (demo)
Layout #4 (demo)
Layout #5 (demo)




Other pages

About us
Contact us
Look book page/ 2 style
FAQ page
404 page
Google map
Blog pages
Blog article



Home page

Full-width or boxed slideshow
Full-width or boxed image banners
Full-width or boxed video section
Display products row by row
Display products with collection tabs
Display products with carousel
Information blocks
Brands carousel
Display blog post
Instagram photo gallery
Custom content section
Featured product
Promo bar


Collection page

Display collection list/ 2 Styles
Advanced product sorting + filtering + grid/list view
Set product per row
AJAX pagination
AJAX load more button
Unlimited product filters
Filter product by price, name, vendor and tags


Product page

Google rich snippet tool
Product page: display gallery images as grid
Shipping text
5 Style to display product page
Product page: zoom
Product page: light box
Quantity left message
Related products
Size chart
Product video
Add this, social sharing
Product tabs