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exclusiveRelx SeriesRELX hood maintenance tips:

Our e-cigarette specialty store iselectronic cigarettesAs a member of the industry, of course, I am very familiar with any relx general-purpose hood. I have received reports from some customers about the failure of the machine. The editor found that most of the time, everyone neglected the maintenance of the RELX body and used the wrong method, etc. Reasons, the following for everyone to recommend the correct use and regular maintenancerelx electronic cigarettemethod.

About charging the RELX electronic cigarette machine: first of all, a very important point! When charging any relx machine, it is necessary to separate the hood and the fan, otherwise it will easily cause oil leakage, which is very common for everyone, and this will also greatly shorten the service life of the machine.

In addition, the editor also found that most peopleRelx SeriesHong Kong will charge and charge overnight, so you must keep in mind! ! This is very bad, and it will cause serious wear and tear on the machine, and it will also greatly affect the battery life of the RELX electronic cigarette body.

When using the Relx cigarette machine, you need to pay attention to the angle of use. You must keep the cigarette nozzle upward and the cigarette machine tilted downward, because if the cigarette nozzle is downward and the body is upward when smoking, the e-liquid will flow directly into the nozzle due to gravity. When this situation occurs, it is necessary to separate the machine and the den as soon as possible, wipe off the excess oil overflowing from the cigarette tip and the inside of the atomizer before use, and the relx body must be kept with sufficient power, because the power Not enough will also cause the e-liquid to be inhaled into the mouth without being fully atomized by the atomizer. It is recommended to use the relx for the first three times for a full 3 hours, and the normal charging time can be restored after the third use.

In addition, in order to avoid malfunctions, RELX electronic cigarette body and denier need to be cleaned regularly. You only need to prepare about 1-3 cotton swabs and a small amount of paper towels. Turn the inside of the fuselage back and forth, and you will find that there are a lot of vape oil and condensate hidden at the bottom. In addition, you need to use cotton swabs to wipe off the remaining vape oil on the top of the pod and wipe off the bottom of the pod with a paper towel To remove excess condensate, this regular Relx electronic cigarette cleaning action only needs to be performed about two to three times a week, which does not waste everyone's time and is easy to operate. In addition, such regular cleaning will rarely cause clogging and various Problem with bad RELX hood.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered, please feel free toWhatsAppWe, our friendly e-cigarette shop assistants will definitely answer any questions about Relx Hong Kongelectronic cigarettesintractable diseases or any questions about the price.

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