Refund&Exchange Policy

Hong Kong Vape Shop - Refund & Exchange policy

Refund policy

Failure to take delivery:

If your order has not been received after 7 days, we will tell this to our shipper and refund your money without any problems.

Dissatisfied with the quality of the goods:

Our goods are all genuine with the origianl brands to do the after-sales services. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, you can tell us within 7 days of purchase and we will arrange a replacement (Not refund). If the product packaging is not opened, we can do the exchange (customers need to pay the round-trip shipping back). If the product packaging has been opened, we can only do exchange with random flavours of pods or devices ( our shop own the final decision to do exchange or not). We do not support the exchange of products due to unsatisfactory with appearance or scratches or due to the change of the taste from the original brands (except for product functional problems).

cancel order

When the payment is completed, the system will automatically send the information to arrange the shipment, so we cannot arrange to cancel or change any confirmed order.

We suggest that you can add your favorite items to your shopping cart or favorite list, and then pay after confirming your order to enjoy shopping.

Order cancelled

Sorry, if your order is cancelled due to VapeHongKong out of stock or other reasons, the relevant purchase money will be refunded to your payment account within two weeks. We have different promotions every day, you can choose the right products, thank you for your support.

Please note that if your cancelled product is one of the products in the discount package, the price of other products in the discount package will not increase or decrease accordingly.

How do I download a bill / receipt?

Upon successful payment, the system will send order details about the order * (Order Confirmation) to your email address.

After the order is completed, you will also receive the relevant invoice (Invoice) by email / Facebook Mesenger / SMS. The invoice is accepted by the merchant for the maintenance of the goods (only applicable to the products listed in the product description) Products served). You can also log in to your VapeHongKOng account and download the bill in "My Account"> "Order History".

If you need reimbursement, it is recommended that you check with the relevant department / institution before ordering for details of the above order or whether the bill can be applied.

* Order Confirmation is the order date, order number, product details, delivery arrangements and total payment.