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Zgar 5th generation cover- Zgar PCC ceramic crystal craft electronic cigarette 5th generation host and Zgar FIT+ electronic cigarette host (big smoke) (Hong Kong brand) (Relx 4, 5th generation universal)
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MSML MARSHMALLOW Pod From USA (Relx Infinity & Phantom Series Compatible)(Pod x 3)
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Veex Transparant Pod (Relx Infinity & Relx Phantom Compatible) (Pods of 3)
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Relx Infinity Relx 4 Generation

Relx launched a new and enhanced version in late 2019 RELX 4th generation – The Infinity series improves on the past RELX classic series (1 generation)common problem.

Relx electronic cigarettevapeFounded by Wuxin Technology in 2017, through its innovative and easy-to-useVapeIt quickly spread across the country.

Among them, Relx will launch a new enhanced version at the end of 2019 RELX 4th generation – The Infinity series improves on the past RELX classic series (1 generation)common problem.

Advantages of RELX 4th generation

the pastRelx ClassicWe often face the problem of oil leakage from pods, which greatly affects and troubles users. When most people can't stand it, Fogcore Technology finally launched the RELX Infinity Series (4th generation).

RELX Infinity Series (4 Generations)The pod has greatly improved the problem of oil leakage in the past, compared to (Relx 1 generation) reduces the chance of oil leakage for about 90%, although there will always be a small amount of oil leakage. But it all happened within an acceptable range.

In addition, the battery life has been improved by more than 70%, the previous use (Relx 1 generation) when wanting to smoke, but the battery suddenly runs out from time to time, mainly because the battery indicator is not clear, and the light will not flash until the battery is completely out. But the RELX 4th generation is different. The RELX 4th generation pod has a new function. When the power is less than 30%, the reminder light will change from white to red, and the red light will be on during the whole smoking process. Then look for a chance to recharge it.

Relx 4th generation product Relx infinity Relx 4th generation RELX infinity set and pods, redesigned, the latest circulation of smoke channels, so that you have a better smoking experience, closer to real smoke. Guaranteed to be genuine.

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