RELX Classic Q&A


Use of smoke rod

Power requirements for Relx Classic smoke rods

USB standard specifications:

Output voltage: 5V plus or minus 5%

Atomization temperature: 220 °

Output current: 0.5A. (Computer standard output current) All USB devices are compatible with this voltage (including mobile phones)

Electric power: 6W

Battery capacity of Relx Classic cigarette rod

RELX 0 uses a soft lithium battery with a battery capacity of 350 mAh. Smokers with a pack of cigarettes a day. It can be used for a whole day, and you can smoke about 250 mouthfuls ~

Factors affecting battery life

Four factors affecting the service life of lithium batteries:

1) Charging times and depth of discharge (Do not use it until it is exhausted before recharging)

2) Overcharge, overdischarge, large charge, large discharge

3) Too cold or overheating. The operating temperature of lithium battery is 0-40 °. If the temperature is too high or too low, the operating time may become shorter

4) Full or no power for a long time

Different meanings of Relx Classic cigarette light flashing

The indicator flashes 3 times:

1. Over-force protection: Because the pole feels excessive suction from the outside, a protection mechanism is adopted to protect the user from being caught.

2. Over-power protection: When the charging cable is unplugged when the charging is over or the charging cable is arbitrarily inserted, the machine indicator flashes three times, a self-protection mechanism.

The indicator flashes 10 times:

When the cigarette lighter is in use, when the indicator light flashes 10 times, it is a reminder that the power is below 10%. Please charge it as soon as possible. The full charge time of RELX 0 is about 45-60 minutes.

Can Relx Classic Cigarettes Use Quick Charge Function

RELX 0 does not support fast charging because it does not have a chip that supports fast charging.

Relx Classic smoke rod surface material

The skin of the tobacco rod is made of aluminum alloy.

Smoke pod help

Material of Relx Classic Smoke Cartridge

The material of our casing is PCTG. We use the materials of Eastman in the United States, which are mostly used for aviation cups and baby bottles. High temperature resistance, no harmful substances will be released, you can use it with confidence.

What is condensate?

Formation: The smoke oil in the smoke pod is atomized, adheres to the surface of the object, and is condensed by cold air to become water droplets (similar to the gas on a winter window);

Disadvantages: The condensate is mainly glycerin. It will condense inside the tobacco rod or the pod mouth after a long time, which will easily affect the cleanliness;

Cleaning: It is very convenient to take toilet paper or gently wipe the inside of the tobacco rod;

Features: color-colorless, brown. Taste-spicy, bitter.

Reasons for Relx Classic Smoke Can't Atomize

Reason: Smoke pod passage blocked

Principle: When the pod is stored improperly, the passage is blocked by foreign objects

Solution: The smoke pod mouth facing down, bumping on a flat table

Cause: The condensate on the bottom of the pod is blocked

Principle: The bottom of the cartridge is a condensate storage tank, which contains a lot of condensation in the form of water droplets. If the backlog is too large, it may cause blockage and affect normal use.

Solution: If you see a lot of condensate on the bottom of the cartridge, use the bottom of the cartridge on a flat table to break up the condensate.

Cause: Poor contact

Principle: There are 4 contact points on the bottom of the smoke pod. If the contact points cannot fit the heating probe inside the cigarette rod, it will cause no smoke.

Solution: Press the four small copper dots on the bottom of the cartridge & try to move the position of the cartridge in the pole

Cause: Broken heating wire

Principle: The temperature is overloaded or bumped, which causes the heating wire to break.

Solution: Please contact the service staff as soon as possible for this kind of problem, to troubleshoot for you and continue to follow-up after-sales replacement ~

Causes of Relx Classic Smoke Pod Leak

Reason: Improper use

Principle: The smoke port, oil injection and suction are all a channel. Not vertical use may cause oil leakage.

Solution: Pay attention to the usage habits. Do not use it while lying down or holding it flat.

Reason: high or low temperature or pressure

Principle: High temperature, low temperature and air pressure will cause the bottom of the pod, the white plastic sleeve shrinks or creates a gap, the smoke oil leaks into the condensate storage tank, and is then sucked out.

Solution: Try not to bring the pod on the plane (air pressure problem is easy to leak oil), pay attention to the temperature of the use and storage environment of the pod.

Reason: bump

Principle: Direct bumping may cause damage to the skin and oil leakage, or bumping may cause the white plastic sleeve to be unreliable and produce a gap leak.

Solution: Change other cartridges to use, take care of every little cartridge, he is your companion.

Reason: Process defect

Principle: During the manufacturing process, the white plastic sealing sleeve is not fully attached, resulting in gaps and oil leakage.

Solution: You can rest assured, if it is a process defect, please contact customer service as soon as possible to provide evidence, customer service will help you handle the subsequent return and exchange ~

Reasons for RELX classic pod

Reason: Carbon deposition

Principle: Natural flavors are used in RELX e-liquid. In the process of conducting oil through ceramics, sometimes the oil is not smooth. As a result, the e-liquid is not completely volatilized during heating and atomization. Residual material is accumulated around the heating film, which is the carbon deposit in the electronic cigarette

Solution: If there is a persistent smell during the suction process, please contact customer service for subsequent after-sales treatment ~

Reason: Improper use

Principle: There is no guarantee that the e-liquid bottoms when smoking, and the bottom of the cartridge is directly heated to emit a sticky smell.

Solution: Pay attention to vertical use, let the e-liquid bottom, and fully heat the e-liquid.

Reason: Too little e-liquid remaining

Principle: There is too little e-liquid left, and there is not enough e-liquid when heating, resulting in uneven heating.

Solution: When a little bit remains, replace it with a new one.

Cause: The condensate is accumulated in the tobacco rod

Principle: During use, the exhaled gas adheres to the bottom of the cigarette rod to form condensate. The condensate is too much, and the odor emitted by burning the condensate.

Solution: Clean up the accumulated condensate in the tobacco rod in time to keep the inside of the tobacco rod dry.

Reasons for the smell of RELX classic pod

Cause: Incorrect use, resulting in dry burning or carbon deposition of the atomizing core

Principle: The e-liquid does not reach the bottom when smoking, which causes dry burning and carbon deposition, which affects the taste.

Solution: Ensure that the smoke pod has sufficient smoke oil, and ensure that there is smoke oil at the bottom during the heating process

Reason: Alcoholization

Principle: The alcoholization process is similar to hangover. It needs to fuse the substances in the cartridge, and it is better to wait for the full fusion.

Reason: The boiling point is different between flavors and flavors. Some flavors will be atomized preferentially.

Principle: The flavor of each cigarette pod is different, and some flavors burn preferentially, resulting in a slight change in taste afterwards

Solution: We will try to balance this problem. When using it, we should pay attention to the storage location to avoid high or low temperature problems.

Reason: user taste fatigue

Principle: This is also the most common. Everyone loves to taste a taste, but the taste buds will be fatigued, just like eating sour things for a long time, and slowly not feeling sour.

Solution: change and mix with other flavors, drink plenty of water, rinse your mouth often, and wait for the taste buds to recover. "

Why does it feel spicy during use?

Cause: Tobacco withdrawal symptoms (unlike nicotine withdrawal)

How it works: Many smokers are accustomed to periodic coughs and stuffy noses, but the daily side effects of smoking become more serious as the body adjusts to the influx of fresh oxygen. Including hot throat, cough, etc.

Solution: After using e-cigarettes for a long time, the symptoms of tobacco withdrawal will disappear naturally. Dry cough, throat irritation, oral irritation and other adverse reactions are reduced, which is a problem of adaptability

Cause: Excessive use of Degree

Principle: Degree gives people a throbbing sensation. Generally, the higher the content, the more obvious the throat sensation.

Solution: RELX has a lower concentration of flavored cartridges. You can choose a lower concentration of flavor.

Reason: Suction method

Principle: Big mouth pumping is easier

Solution: RELX is different from big smoke.

Cause: pod oil

Principle: The e-liquid or condensate is sucked from the nozzle. The non-atomized e-liquid and the condensate itself will be hot. Solution: Contact customer service for subsequent replacement and replacement.

Will the Relx Classic smoke pod smoke oil change color?

Reason: Sun exposure

Principle: The main component of the smoke oil in the cartridge is glycerin, which will become transparent when exposed to sunlight.

Solution: Avoid direct sunlight and pay attention to storage environment

Does bringing an aircraft affect the use of smoke pods?

It is not recommended that you bring smoke pods into the aircraft, especially for long distance flights.

Reason: Air pressure effect

Principle: The aircraft is not at standard atmospheric pressure. The silicone protective film in the smoke pod may be deformed under the influence of atmospheric pressure, causing oil leakage;

Solution: The following methods can minimize the occurrence of oil leakage: carry unopened cigarette pods as much as possible, or place the pods in closed containers.


RELX classic Set

The RELX electronic cigarette is divided into two parts, a cigarette rod and a pod;

The cigarette rod can be recharged and used repeatedly (just like a mobile phone);

The cartridge is a consumable item, and it can be replaced with a new cartridge directly after use.

Relx Classic Smoke Rod Color

RELX 1 generation is available in 6 colors: classic black, deep blue, starry gray, tiffany blue, rose gold and power red.

Relx Classic Smoke Flavor

The taste of Relx Classic cartridges is divided into 4 categories, and 11 types of cartridges are available:

Tobacco: classic tobacco, Chinese flue-cured tobacco, soft tobacco;

Fruits: Drunk love blueberries, frozen lemon tea, summer greens, tropical fruits, fresh grapefruit;

Jinshuang category: Jinshuang mint, mung bean popsicles;

Efficacy category: sleep lavender.

RELX classic Smoke Cartridge Available Time

One milliliter of smoke pod is about three packs of normal cigarettes. The machine can be used for testing about 600 ~ 700 mouthpieces. You can estimate it according to your own habits.

RELX classic pod Warranty

The shelf life of our cartridges is 1 year. The product should be stored in a cool and dark environment, avoiding excessively high or low temperatures, and avoiding children's contact.

How to distinguish between genuine and fake products

Identify the authenticity of the product through the following 2 operations:

1. Scan the bar on the back of the cigarette or rod set, the prompt content is the official product name of Yueke.

2. For products manufactured after April 2019, there are anti-counterfeiting codes and QR codes on the top of the capsule packaging, which can be scanned and identified;

Dry throat during product use

Please do n’t worry. The dry throat is because the cigarette cartridge contains glycerin. Glycerin itself is absorbent. When it is atomized, it will absorb moisture and cause dry mouth and throat. If you encounter such a situation, it is recommended that you usually drink more water and eat more watery fruits to alleviate this problem.

Product disabled people

This product is a tobacco replacement product containing Degree. It is strictly prohibited for minors, alcohol allergic patients, heart disease patients, hypertension patients, respiratory disease patients, pregnant and lactating pregnant women!

Can i take the plane

Because different airports have different security control requirements, we recommend that you check the relevant regulations before going to the airport.

In addition, please remind you that air pressure will cause deformation of the oil barrier inside the smoke pod, which may cause oil leakage. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to place the smoke pod in a closed container and then bring it to the aircraft.