Electronic cigarettes and pods | Precautions for use that must be kept in mind

electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes have the advantages of less health hazards and more convenient replacement of pods, so more and more people are attracted to try electronic cigarettes. Whether you are an old smoker or a novice, you need to know how to use e-cigarettes and what are the important precautions before using e-cigarettes!

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are an increasingly popular lifestyle and leisure product nowadays. The nicotine in the e-liquid can help smokers enjoy a relatively healthier mental relaxation. The visual sense of fog.

Enjoy a richer e-cigarette experience

The main structure of electronic cigarettes

The main structure of the electronic cigarette is the cigarette holder, the main rod and the battery.

The battery is responsible for providing the power needed to atomize the e-juice.

The function of the main rod is mainly to generate heat and facilitate the user to hold the electronic cigarette.

The cigarette holder is the most important part of the electronic cigarette, and it has also become the "Vape Pod", which is filled with e-liquid. When smoking, the main rod will generate heat, and the e-liquid will be atomized through the effect of the atomizer, and the user will have the feeling of smoking, and the e-liquid mist will be swallowed into the body and spit out. In the air. The original pods were only filled with e-liquid, but now the more popular style is integrated with a disposable atomizer, so that it will feel smoother to smoke.

There are many shapes and structures of e-cigarettes, but the main components are basically the design of pod + cigarette rod + battery

The main differences and advantages of electronic cigarettes compared with traditional cigarettes

Traditional cigarettes generate particle smoke by burning; electronic cigarettes generate liquid mist by electronic heating and atomizers.

In addition to nicotine, traditional cigarettes also produce harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and tar during the combustion process, which not only damages the lungs and hearts of smokers, but also threatens the health of people around them due to inhalation of second-hand smoke; electronic cigarettes only produce certain A large amount of nicotine, without any harmful substances produced during the combustion process, causes less health hazards to smokers, and the threat to people around is negligible.

The taste of traditional cigarettes is relatively simple, and there are multiple categories only in terms of concentration; electronic cigarettes can not only divide the concentration level more accurately in terms of nicotine concentration, but also provide a variety of flavors such as mint, chocolate, nuts and fruits. more fun.

E-cigarettes reduce many of the harmful substances produced in conventional cigarettes

Important considerations for e-cigarettes and pods

Only high-quality e-cigarettes sold by regular brands can really let you enjoy the fun of e-cigarettes, and mastering the correct way to use e-cigarettes can give you richer and longer-lasting enjoyment.

Precautions when buying e-cigarettes and pods

With the continuous prevalence of electronic cigarettes, the brands on the market are becoming more and more mixed. Some electronic cigarettes produced by unscrupulous brands not only have potential safety hazards in electronic heating elements, but also may greatly reduce the quality of e-liquid and add low-quality flavors. To adjust the taste, use low-cost e-liquid containing carcinogens to make pods. Using this type of e-cigarette will not only fail to obtain a good smoking experience, but will also bring a very big safety hazard to your health, so you must choose a big brand ofelectronic cigarettes, including Relx, Gippro, Juul, Zgar, Veex, Genki, vapemoho, lana, fuji, msml, pinko, etc. You can also buy different brands of e-cigarettes at the same time at some reputable e-cigarette dealers, which is more convenient and quicker .

When buying pods, you must first choose the pod model that matches your own electronic cigarette, and then choose the nicotine content level according to your needs. If you want to quit smoking, you can gradually reduce the nicotine content in the electronic cigarette in order from high to low, so that The body can wean itself off its dependence on nicotine relatively gently.

Precautions when using electronic cigarettes and pods

e-cigarette battery

At present, the batteries of most electronic cigarettes are lithium batteries, so when using them for the first time, they need to be fully charged. When smoking, you can take small sips to avoid continuous smoking, which will reduce the service life of the battery.

In addition, if you feel that the battery is a little hot during the smoking process, you can let the electronic cigarette rest for a while before using it, and let your body rest for a while, and do not continue smoking for a long time.

Get better smoking enjoyment

When smoking, it is best to keep the cigarette holder at an angle of about 45° upward;

Inhale slowly at a speed of about 2-3 seconds per mouth, so that the degree of atomization is greater, not only the taste is better, but also the battery life can be extended;

After replacing the pod with a new one, let it stand for about 1 minute before starting to smoke;

If you find condensed e-liquid at the mouth of the cigarette holder, you can continue to use it by shaking the cigarette holder down a few times;

Try to use up the pods within 3 days after opening, otherwise there will be oxidation and odor;

avoid doing this

Smoking electronic cigarettes while lying down may cause oil leakage;

Smoking e-cigarettes in a closed high-temperature environment such as in a car for a long time;

Rinse the electronic cigarette with water, which will damage the internal components of the electronic cigarette;

When smoking, fingers block the small hole next to the main rod, which will cause greater resistance and make it difficult to suck;

The above is the introduction of electronic cigarettes and pods, as well as the content that needs to be paid attention to during use. I hope that all smokers can enjoy the most wonderful experience of electronic cigarettes!

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